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Our love for dogs

Those who make ``onlydogs.info`` are a heterogeneous group of people with one factor in common: our love for dogs.

About us


Those who make ``onlydogs.info`` are a heterogeneous group of people with one factor in common: our love for dogs.

Involved in one way or another for more than 3 decades in breeding dogs of race, we decided to create this site so that all those who sought knowledge could find it easily and standardized. We hope that the participation of visitors allows us to gradually improve the site, and thus become a reference for anyone who learns about their favorite race.

The Dog

and the man

We do not know exactly when this friendship was born, but it is probably from before man was a man.

An invisible bond unites us, and both species need the other in one way or another. But whenever we adopt a dog as a life companion, either for love or for a specific task, we must assume the commitment with maturity, and ensure that this relationship is always of mutual benefit. A synergy, where life in the company of our pet is better - for us and for them - than life separated.

why choose a dog of breed?

The best dog, will always be the one who wants us and choose us, the one we have next to us. A dog of race, is not better than a mongrel dog. So if we are going to adopt a partner, we must first think that it will not be a toy, that for many years will be with us and we must take care of him with responsibility, give him affection and care. But if we look for our partner to have certain characteristics, then a dog of race can greatly increase the likelihood that the bond of friendship that will last for many years be perfect.

Dog breeds are the product of the untiring effort of all breeders, who through many years, with great patience, generation after generation, concentrated on preserving and perfecting the attributes that made their specimens good at what they did. Hunting, protecting, shepherding, running faster, being more tender and adorable, are aspects that a dog of a certain breed most likely have. Therefore, it will be easier to find one that suits our lifestyle. But we too must adapt to the needs they have. So if, for example, we live in an apartment, we should not choose a dog with a very active temperament, who needs a lot of space, because surely he will not have a happy life. The key for a perfect relationship with our new friend, is to choose with good judgment and above all, to understand that it will be a long-term society, and we must take responsibility to take care of it, protect it and pay attention to its needs. We hope that with the information you find on this page, that choice will be easier.