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Mongrel or Pedigree

The best dog will always be the one which loves us and chooses us.

A pedigree dog is not better than a mongrel dog. So if we are willing to adopt a partner, first of all we must know that it will not be a toy, which will be in our side for many years and that, we must take care of it with responsibility, to give it affection and cares.

But if we are looking for a partner which has particular characteristics, then a pedigree dog can increase the probabilities of making that friendship bond that will last for many years to be perfect.

Dog breeds are the result of a relentless effort of all breeders, who beyond the years, with much patience, generation over generation, focused maintaining and improving the qualities which made their specimens to be good on what they used to do.

Hunting, protecting, grazing cattle, running faster, being more cute and adorable, are aspects which a dog of a certain breed probably has. In that way, it will be easier to find one which adapts itself to our preferences and needs.

But we have to adapt to their needs also. So, for example, if we live in an apartment, we should not choose a very active dog, which would need a lot of space, because it will surely not have a happy life.

The key to our relationship with the new family member to be perfect is to choose with good criterions and above all, to understand that it will be a society for a long term and that we have to take responsibility of taking care of it, protect it and give attention to their needs.

We hope that with the information you find on this website, that choice may be easier.

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